young money


no pipe dreams, getting pesos. but i'd rather get love, get besos. they call me boy crazy.

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Hahahahahahahah!! what a joke

oh goooodmorning

Yes, I need all of them. I have a lot of pain.

♥ ♥


Oooooo look whose car I parked next toooooo that I'm gonnnna keeeey! #ryans!

Jealous you're sitting behind my boyfriend in class? No. Creepy

Forever flat

gabe is a babe, good luck tonight beat duluth!!:)


im thinkin fuck you all

yo tambien, obama

So rude.

Nm just bowled a 62. #personalbest

Bowling with the bffaeaes:)

Went in haters/came out a lover. you're cute ;)

Rain+my windshield wipers are shit. :)

Blackberry knows best.

What my prof wrote on my creative writing paper #rude

Worship Alabama at night