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Oooh I love your shoes.

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The ONE time I run to the in flip flops, I am greeted by this.

I've been waiting for this. #okwx

I can't stop laughing at this. Bill Clinton FTW.

SEND HELP. #okwx

I am totally obsessed with these shorts. I've bought them in three colors. #getdressed

I see your Paltrow and raise you a hunk of Gruyere and a glass of Chardonnay.

Oh. My.

Thanks to his sign, I'm extra excited. ;)

Go Julie!!!

So this is happening. ALREADY.

Running through the sprinklers at 's house. Hello, summer. Er, I mean spring.

Charlie is a little concerned about #NorfolkSt. And yes, he's already in his pajamas. Why not?

Love note.

Three stitches and an Iron Man Band Aid. Poor Charlie.

Charlie's hand, after he gashed it falling out of a tree. Poor baby. (He's better now.) #febphotoaday

Daily photo: #AltSummit, day one.

Today I'm thankful for pencil skirts and flats.

My babies. Who aren't really babies at all, of course.

Lunch at Queenies. is going to have nightmares for WEEKS. OMG.

More reasons to love : she made me a sign!