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Wearing black glasses gives me unearned hipster cred.

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Nutritious lunch.

I am not easily wooed by advertising, but this Chanel insert in this month's Vogue is STUNNING.

Downtown San Mateo, you make my commute in Caltrain so much more adorable.

Hey, ! Look what I'm starting on my train ride today!! #squeeing

Uh oh. Clementine season. Those who know me know what this means.

Look at my cool new hoodie from my cool new employer !

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! #endlesssqueeing

Gahhhhhhhh! WHAT COULD IT BE?!?!

NOOOOO! Not you too, Peet's! (Extra points off for telling me pictures weren't allowed. Grrrrrrr.)

Happy Halloween from downtown Palo Alto! No trick-or-treaters, but our pumpkins are ghoulishly grinning anyway!

Hey & & , look what I bought!


Holy Moses. This cup of coffee better take me out to dinner tonight, because I just paid $3.25 for a small.

My lunchtime view. Also known as: Reasons my life doesn't suck.

Oh God. Now am one of those jobless people who cook things & tweet about them. Pumpkin bread.

New hair, new season, new (fingers crossed!) job?

And while we were out, we swung by another Palo Alto tech landmark: the HP garage!

Lucky enough to live within walking distance of Steve Jobs' house. Mourners have set up an incredible memorial outside.

I love America.

Two observations: There are a shocking number of folks flying out at this hour. Also, NEAT STEAM TORNADO!!

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