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. I stayed late tonight to put the icing on the cake so to speak. Thought you might like to see the end result

. Now to figure out how to get her safely on top! yikes

. Here is a better pick of the massive sculpture.

. We are stopping for the day. 2 more to go. Then the pregnant lady! more on Monday. have a great weekend

. ok this one makes 6. 3 more to go! :-)

. this one was 5. just 4 more and then we put the gold leafed pregnant lady on top! :-)

. #3 of 10. So far so good

Last week we made these trapezoids. Going to stack them 40 feet high and perch a gold leafed pregnant statue on top!

Just one of the many delicious treats made for this event! Best apple pie you have ever eaten!

and hubby's NASA baby! She is going to go to mars one day!

Here is MOMAs "Talk To Me" 2.0 :-)

First course for lunch this afternoon, Butternut squash followed by smoked trout salad! OMG

ISS pass and Moon. In case you missed it! She winked goodby at the end! :-)

Bullet proof face protection

Look, it's Anti-Personnel Mine Foot protection.

. ever seen one of these?

Hey I found that the last bird I sent to you for ID was a Black & White Warbler. Do you know what this is?

Do you have any idea what kind of Warbler this black and white striped guy is? Phone pic, so not too clear.

Hey I thought you might like this pic of an Oven bird.Passes through here every fall. 3rd year I've seen him

Here is a pic of my little Oven bird. He is a warbler that stops through every year. Been tough to capture on my phone!