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Socks and self respect aren’t necessary when you have Hope N Change #tcot

The Hickory Hoosiers starting 5 #BlackerThanJoanWalsh

Not many people know was the inspiration for this movie classic


You had to ask?

Look at this fashion faux pas! Atrocious!

Cain enjoying his last meal #MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare

For the (gestated) children #CaptionWendysPhoto

Thought provoking and unbiased is exactly what comes to mind when I think of

Ignorant Limey mistakes Chicago/Detroit/DC for America. #NavalYardShooting

: Fuck the #Athletics.”

#Athletics Rangers fans be like ————->

MT : Greg W. Howard once sent a girl a naked pic of himself. Helen Keller was never the same after that

super serious you guys

The leg has been swept. #Athletics

The leg has been swept. #Athletics

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