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Professional Flash Artist/Animator, Assistant Developer for the MMORPG HeroSmash and Derpy Food Fighting Super Hero! Wonderp's Backstory: http://t.co/jFu8HUjQhZ

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Finished Final Project of Artix for Computer Art Class

  • 832 days ago via site
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Finished Final Project of Sepulchure for Computer Art Class

  • 832 days ago via site
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"Deck Dealer" Deck of Cards 'Gun'

  • 835 days ago via site
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Here's my entry for 's Metra Contest: ( http://twitpic.com/9g2dw0 )
Didn't really want to Flash it, so just drew it :P Kinda sketchy but looks good that way ;D

  • 838 days ago via site
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I noticed I hadn't made a cape item yet, so I gave it a shot :P

"These extra robotic arms sure are handy!"

  • 847 days ago via site
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Today I dared to venture into the world of Flash, and I kicked its butt! My first ever Flash project: Dragon Morph

  • 852 days ago via site
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So while looking through shops on HS I re-discovered the awesome-ness of the Cadoric Knight Helm. I looked for an armor to go with it, but to my great distress I found that there is absolutely NOTHING that matches it. So in attempt to do it justice my latest HS Armor Suggestion is the Cadoric Knight Armor.

  • 859 days ago via site
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In these dark times when Dage the Evil's Undead Legion grows exponentially and unopposed, a new league of heroes will arise to defend the world of Lore and change the tides of war between Good and Evil. These devoted heroes are the Legion Slayers. I decided to create the Legion Slayers the day I realized that Dage the Evil and his Undead Legion had practically conquered the world, and that I refused to sell my soul to him as well. They are an elite guard of paladins from Swordhaven specifically trained to fight and defend against Dage the Evil and his Undead Legion. It is with this armor that I hope to start a resistance. Long live King Alteon the Good! BATTLE-ON!!!

  • 870 days ago via site
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Made a helm to go with it for fun, but I'd probly never wear it

  • 883 days ago via site
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Here's the new version of the Dragon Crusader

  • 946 days ago via site
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  • 973 days ago via site
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This is my entry for the 2011 AQWorlds Pumpkin Carving Contest! Its so much cooler now when its lit up in the dark

  • 1024 days ago via site
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This is my entry for the 2011 AQWorlds Pumpkin Carving Contest! Picture of in the light. (it's better in the dark)

  • 1024 days ago via site
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Here's a photo of my winning pumpkin from the 2010 AQW Pumpkin Carving Contest. Based on AE Wallaper from Darkovia

  • 1044 days ago via site
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This is the original version I made of Wonderp-Bread that was made into the Wonderped Bread Armor and Helm in HS.

  • 1044 days ago via site
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