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I have decided to do anatomy practice 1 hour a day with that photo tool. This is one of the precious poses OwO

Why I should not be drawing when I'm tired. I fudge around more then I I actually try. ( known as my usual work flow)

Apparently there's an item in WoW named after you.

WIP of an idea I had today. Not sure what do with, but I wanted it to be simple and about the shapes not the character

It had to be done. Sanity must be preserved.

Turnips that are a challenge even for Peach O.O

Oh my god that was the best quest ever!? I got to roll over 1000 gnomes with a big flaming ball of fire OwO

And then my friend noticed this:

I did some crosshatching. Not sure what to do next, and if I should color it...

Have a bored dreadlock-lion check out jock-ass in a library

The average conversation with or

Sea Gull, you're drunk. Go home.

Thank god they weren't aweful pictures like say... this one. >__________>

I did that once too. Because I was the finest ass according to miss Meg

I'm doodling a dramaqueen.

Vagina's #Accurate

My feels T__T

Kass and her big greatsword. Because she knows how to handle big hard tools.

Angry mini me: