Roman Banda


BOY! The NEXT words outta yer mouth BETTER be some BRILLIANT FUCKIN' MARK TWAIN SHIT, coz they're DEFINITELY gettin' CHISELED on your TOMBSTONE! 27

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I like this part of the northeast, just NOT the people


Going the distance

Favorite #blackFriday thing are these #TMNT pajama pants

Here is a better pic of #ElPasoBlackFriday bounty of mine

Also got this #UTEP sweatshirt

Black Friday bounty

Just ran this much in a half hour

Just burned this much calories

New #IcedEarth poster

Purchased Decibel mag at B & N tonite. Need to get #ForeverAbomination tomorrow!

I will wear my monochromatic slip on classic Vans untilled they disintegrate. #VansLove