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Yet hysterical.

Kitty + #wndrbb = amazingly adorable or super creepy? (I'm kinda leaning toward the latter, TBH.)

. This is all I know.

Anyone have any clue as to what the heck this is (besides a plug coming up through the bottom of our bathroom cabinet)?

I've only just begun, but this is the office I'm decorating using your calendar as inspiration!

I bought this.

Ugh. At this rate, I'm voting for the candidate that sends the least amount of crap to my house.

Like this amazing Wondy! :)

Currently waiting for some to post online, but my mom took this one. :)


Whoops, they're Antonio Melani. :) They have others w/taller heels, pointy toes, shinier finishes-lots!

. The door is WAY cool! :)

Beautiful! Happy 5 months, Lana! :) Alex will be 3 months on the 26th. He can now grab and hold toys.

And then there was this one time the Joker proposed to Wonder Woman... ;)

Alex can play the keyboard with his feet!

My telekinetic dog, Rogue, knocked over this lamp & pop bottle FROM HER CAGE.

Contractors got a lot done today!

Those were my wedding shoes. :)

Just dont let them know she's an alcoholic.

You can "borrow" my Jezebel. Show them this & say she's yours. Cuz that'll totally work. ;p