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Listening to ♬ 'THE MVP Episode #9' - Scott Sigler ♪ -#fb

Listening to ♬ 'THE MVP Episode #9' - Scott Sigler ♪ -#fb

Listening to Common Sense ♬ 'Show 241 - Post-Election Potpourri' - Dan Carlin ♪ #fb

does anyone update this? This simple parking problem is still open in PDX Reporter after nearly a month.

Bringing back my youth. ♬ 'Hysteria' - Def Leppard ♪

Now playing: ♬ 'For You' - Keith Urban ♪

Cleaning up at Interstate / Freemont #pdxtraffic #trimet

Car on the tracks. N Interstate Ave / N Freemont St. #pdxtraffic #trimet

Listen to this - ♬ 'Show 240 - Losing to Win' - Common Sense w/ Dan Carlin ♪ Google it or find in in iTunes #fb

nice app, but where is the follow up, closing of incidents reported? 14 days and it's still 'open'?

My go to music on Max (mass transit). What's yours?

Some people just want to watch the world burn. #FB

WTF people. Posting or liking images like this one is WRONG. Election observers were here before, under Bush.

PFB out in force at the Freddy's on North Interstate. #pdx911

Spotted this a the local . Pretty sure life size copies of US currency is still #illegal. (#forgery) #fb

Local gas prices. This is why I risk my life and sanity on mass transit... it's slower... but cheaper.

My Dollar Tree LED flashlight.

Love this song. ♬ 'Fuckin' Perfect' - P!nk ♪ thanks

I'll pass. But thank you .