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WBC child abuse

Sarah Palin’s heart-warming Christmas card photo

Woohoo! I’ve been blocked by Anjem Choudary too!

I’ve been blocked by the #1 #ProLife website on the zealotnet - I probably I shouldn’t feel proud, but I do.

This apparently isn’t a parody account

The Sun: Seriously?

What does he think about Syria?

Why Joe, Why?
We could’ve worked through it!

The sandwich I bought today, warned it may contain food!

It didn’t.

Ahh! Of course…

Nice one Apple!

There’s probably a clause on page 35 that says they now own my house & can sell my family into slavery

Catherine MacKenzie is trying to brainwash your children:

She's some sort of fundamentalist Enid Blyton.

If you have kids & have a book in your house by Catherine MacKenzie - throw it out now - she is utterly fucking insane.

I love the juxtaposition of 1 & 3 in this:

The downside of the #2012LondonOlympicsCeremony

Shit!! What’s that thing in the sky?
And where’s all the water gone?

This fucker’s tried to run me over twice now & he’s turning around for another go

This so much nicer than being in work - I should be in work now…but this is so much nicer

There comes a point where you have to say enough is enough - I really don’t need to buy hair gel any more.

Harsh - but fair

my new pencil sharpener is brighter than your future

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