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In your face DrawSomething-ers. How's that for a winning streak. :)

Don't you just love modern technology?

And I'm doing the bingo. :) Magic. £4 for this one. :)

This is how good 's drawings are... The man's a genius.

Look at that. 28 in a row with #samewavelength :) #DrawSomething

...And still going strong... 'cos we paid our taxes.!!! :)


Hoho... The Blue Meanies finally change their wicked ways... That's a great wee book. And free.

Never even knew there were strings on Garage Band on the iPhone. They sound great. Just updating iPad version now.

Year Three's day for selling cakes for St Joseph's Penny. #LentenSacrifice?

Oh shit. Who's not told somebody somebody else was going to the bar? Oops.

Tam Burke's () tee-shirt. I want one.

And Martin won a signed picture of McKenzie jumping over a mini. :)

Guy on our table won an iPod. Nice. :)

Raffle time. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Noooope. Close. Nope. Nope.

there you go. :)

Duncan is auctioning off a picture of him jumping over a mini. :)

This Messi shirt, signed, but not played in, has just sold for £500! Amazing. These guys have more money than sense.

No. No golf ball. :)
Hahaha... Alan Brazil's shirts are far bigger than that. And more valuable.

Brazil shirt... £75... £80.... £90... £100... I'll stop now. I'm boring myself.