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No.9 Simone from Droylsden. Whodathunk a place like Droylsden could produce that? They like it, now. Photos, I mean. :)

Whalley what Tesco?? Are they in the right pub? Next race coming up... Where's ??

This is not a number. That top is too see-through for Manchester weather. She'll catch her death in that. #STOP #ME

No.8. Is the one I missed at No.2. I think she suspects something.

No.7 That's Amy's competition - for me - tonight. I hope these girls can fight. :)

No.6 (actually no.1 if it was a competition.) That's Amy. Amy wins!!

No. 5. Roisin. (People who follow me actually know Roisin. I might get battered for this one.) She's from 'Bawlton'.

No.4. I'm actually enjoying this. :)

No.3 I'm going to get my head kicked in...

Dominic from has actually gone and got a box of pickled onion crisps in for . Magic. :)

Race 3 horse names. I like.

Damn. Too slow. No.2

No.1. :) I will not think badly of you if you unfollow.

Too cold to play out? Come inside and watch Speedy Gonzales. #AribaRiba

This is the temperature next to my desk. Seriously, WTF?? The sooner those new windows are in the better!!

We just watched you in Salford on the video. Magic. Was that Glory School?

Back again. Is that green round the too of that? Seriously? Is it? I'm worried.

Not yet. On the tram now. :D Are you home?

Anybody's tweets from here, regardless of good they were, have gone. :)

Huge thighs ?? Inappropriate? We need an edit. (later verses are even worse.)