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⚠A playlist for right stonkers ⚠

I think I’m addicted

My scumbag neighbor has this really bright light and it lights my room up and I can’t ever fall asleep

This snap is taking so long to send I forget what it’s even about.

All these shitty apps made by random Asian people

New version of snapchat codenamed “banquo” #signishouldbestudyingforenglish

I gotta say I’m tempted but the cost of maintenance…

Like seriously and We can’t leave

So I put my phone in my pocket and took it out and then suddenly RIP

Whooooaa tweetbot what’s up

Mary Lou would not like Ms. Puiatti

Getting ready for dress rehearsal!

Porn mode: moved and improved

Ew my morning breath is really awful

Yo snapchat wtf

According to my iTunes The Lord of the Rings soundtrack is Electronica Mainstream now

Hmmm so looks like the official twitter doesn't allow you to hit the button at all

Wait when did this appear on my iPod?

So you won't let me quote someone else? Seems legit

notice how it says “retweeted by You”

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