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@IGCOM trading floor chat, part of the @IGSquawk team. Tweet for trading/markets queries. May talk cycling. Me not IG etc, losses can exceed deposits.

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#Dow mini futures went nuts just before the number there, even better charts here courtesy http://www.nanex.net/aqck2/4499.html #NFP

We pondered yday; #Berkeley -3.5% yday, an opportunity? Should be more isolated from FLS than the other builders, leading sector higher 2day

The resurgence continues at $TCG #ThomasCook, another set of good numbers, looking to open about 160p

Banks propping up the table early doors. $BP hikes dividend and is the early standout, numbers from $STAN also

Look at all the 227sssssssssssss #RMG

#RMG #RoyalMail trading back towards 450, we have (obviously) seen lots of early buying

First Auction indications are very bullish! #RMG #RoyalMail

What crisis!? #FTSE almost has a full set, come on Intercontinental Hotels!

#RoyalMailShares #RoyalMail Grey Market ticks up a bit more, around new highs at 414 mid

Monday Morning IPO Check 2; #Shutdown and weakish #Dollar #USD not scaring tech fans #Twitter #TwitterIPO

Monday Morning IPO check 1; #RoyalMail up again as interest continues to strengthen, currently suggesting share price up towards 400p

$DXY #DXY #Dollar Index trading lower as #Shutdown continues. Strong recent downward trend

"pre-market" #GKP

#GKP in trading halt ahead of court announcement after 1030, last price 187.75

My MTF execution yday, we have dark pool + non-LSE liquidity - makes a big difference for DMA traders

#US #10YR trading around 3% but moved lower this morning http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/USGG10YR:IND Our US IR Futures prices, some buyers in 10yr Dec-13...

Oilers not playing ball, but otherwise it is a textbook "first day of the month rally" #FTSE

Just checking your awake, yes that is #Vodafone up 14p in the auction...

Checkout that $AAPL volume (reportedly Algos) into the #Nasdaq halt, here come the conspiracy theories...

#Resolution leads early doors after beating on H1 results. #FTSE +13 at 6587, resistance above 6600 since last week

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