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75% of animals that are trapped, taken elsewhere, and then released will die. That's why relocation is illegal!

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WildCare networked with 4 other groups, and today this young osprey is out of a cage and back home to her nest!

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"Where's the food?" WildCare's work is never done, during summer. These jays are ready for more, NOW, please!

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We're hopping around here today! Overflowing with youngsters, from raccoons to gulls and from birds to bats ...

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Everything is easier to take when you're standing shoulder-to-shoulder with some good friends!

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Never touch a bat barehanded! A rabies test will kill the bat. Found one that's injured? Use a towel or gloves.

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And if you DID make a baby screech owl wait for food, he would be VERY annoyed.

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Hungry screech owl babies do not have TIME to pose for pictures. :)

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Our newest patient: A hatching sparrow, still with its eggshell -- the sole survivor of a nest raid by crows. :)

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Short and sweet video of a baby Spotted Owl re-unite! http://bit.ly/hMUHTU

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Enjoy this stunning Mountain Lion picture taken by photographer Trish Carney!

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Surprise! Patient #190 was keeping a secret under her splints ... hello, three happy babies, all doing fine! :D

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X-ray of a Western Gull admitted to WildCare after swallowing a fish hook - please dispose of fishing line responsibly!

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One of the fun things about being WildCare -- getting pix of unusual local animals! White squirrel from Greenbrae.

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A photo of our happy release last Thursday -- nice to turn the tables, and make Thanksgiving fun for the turkey!

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5 week old chipmunk, full-grown peanut!

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Who is this odd creature? Identify the baby animal and enter to win a prize! http://bit.ly/cvPMGb

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Baby Black-shouldered Kite admitted today after being blown from his nest due to last night's storms!

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A bunch of orphaned baby brush bunnies! They will be released back into the wild once they are old enough to survive on their own.

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The first baby squirrels of the season have arrived!

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