Wilson Mitchell


I'm Wilson a Golden Retriever aka Bubba,Will-Man,Willie, Dude, Da WillWill. I'm a pretty big deal.

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: This woman needs to get me more treats and NOW!! thinkShe's intimidated? ........oops that's a no!

Rap w me "I like big sticks and I cannot lie" .....

Yoga? Pffft who needs that cha cha? I got a plank for you right here #thatsright

Big stick carried. Check. Speak softly? Dude no me gusto that part!

Yo Dudes got my meds,good to go! my old lady can chill out now.(2be honest I've been milking it for treats) peace out!

It's amazing how deep my Mom sleeps! Been staring at her this close for like 9 hours..not a twitch! #sheneededtisleepin

My Auntie Na-Na snapped this swank pic of me today. Yep, old dude's still got it! hi Ma!

Took this one myself.Reverse angle. iPhone tough w paws But i rocked it .

thanks man I'm totally crashed out on the couch w my Mumma #chillin

I totally dig it when Mumma let's me sleep in w Kona. I totally have my Mum pinned in. #haha but lake walk is soon

Dudes I have the best mum in the world- she had like 2 girl bites of this the rest MINE! #imbadass

One of my most excellent gnarly days.

Just chillin w my girl today no biggie #vacation

This was the best day ever! Or until tomorrow love my life

I want my Mumma to hold my paw. But I'm still a tough guy #dontgetmewrong

Chillin w my old lady she brought me back this red sox bandana from her trip. #ilovemymumma

Said bowl. Treat, done !