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I am going to have to repack...

Look what I bought

Yay #Sharks

My dad sees them taking off 20 miles away and then there here in no time. They need to drop me off at work.

Watching the air show reversal on my lunch

Starbuck is still trying to get into the tardis

Love my 90's Mac with my CarmenSanDiego floppydisc game to my college powerbook to my iPhone +all Pixar #RIPSteveJobs

Noooo I burned my gyoza!!!!!

Where is the sun!!!

New stove is all futuristic

New stove is all futuristic

Omg this was amazing it actually feels velvety and tastes brilliant

The weather can't make up it's mind

a is driving home now so he won't see this tweet his fav! Only out for Halloween

I got a surprise that involves one of the few vampires he actually likes, and it's not this one

It looks like the Tardis has a big nose and smile and the windows are her eyes

Northward ho


I have a Tardis that's bigger on the inside but I can't get thru the door.

The fog looked like it was censoring part of the bridge