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Me and my tennis ball, up on the Downs earlier today

  • 554 days ago via site
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That feeling you get that you're being watched .....

  • 598 days ago via site
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Please pick me! I'm handsome & loveable! #JOULESPICKMYPET

  • 620 days ago via site
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Merry Christmas to all my Twitter friends xx

  • 706 days ago via site
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Sofy's long lost twin! BOL BOL

  • 983 days ago via site
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look how happy I was, boingy and bouncy on the beach!

  • 983 days ago via site
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Thought the human was hard at work today. Instead, she went over to to see the sheeps!

  • 986 days ago via site
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look! A woogling lambie!

  • 995 days ago via site
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look, nommy fudge! Perfect for dessert after my dinner BOL!

  • 1017 days ago via site
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I've been keeping close to the presents under the tree!

Toby's resting on his doggie sofa!

We're in London! We brought our stockings and hung them on the fire

look, its that annoying little man thing! I shall need to stand on Sofy to reach him BOL

I'm totally rocking the post-bath fleecey sweater look!

The human got a creme brulee latte and I got to clean the cup!

Oops! Caught out - Sofy on the humans bed BOL

Santa in our street!

Sofy's leaning against the human, gazing adoringly at her.. Aww!

I'm curled up, thinking of you!

Wowzers! Even better than sossije - I just nommed gourmet cheeseburger! She couldn't resist this face