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Best. Picket Sign. EVER! #fb

Drinking sweet tea out of an all to tiny cup. Mario and Bowser, also not impressed. #fb

Guilty pleasure. Judge me... I don't give a fuck.

A quick FYI: These chips smell awful, and don't taste much better. #fb

Alright Lay's, quit messing around and give me "Bacon Flavored Chips". This is close, but not good enough.

in response:

HELL YEAH! Enjoy Diablo 3 everyone on PCs, I'm covered now. #ThisTweetTypedInBulletTime #Fb

Attn Those that want to review games for a living; This could be a great investment opportunity! #fb

Almost forgot, here is my new iPhone wallpaper. Those of you that know me, know what you're about to see.

Wow... Porn spam coming through now. Awesome.

This "Kickstarter" spam is starting to get out of control. Also, they may have found a way to get into my bank account!

But why is it in quotes?

Possibly the best thing you will see all day long.

Ha! Works every time! I say something about my game not making it back and BAM!

That moment in the morning when you realize why you're a "cat person".

It was part of a Best Buy email they sent me. Still... Carrie Underwood is pretty attractive.

I feel like Carrie Underwood is making a gaff at Angelina Jolie in this album cover. Or is it just me? #fb

Whoa whoa whoa... There is a Persona 4 Vita version in the works?! Rad! #Persona4Golden

Besides the Cliff Richard album, I also rescued these two.

Besides the Cliff Richard album, I also rescued these two.