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Wait… I may have mislead people. I am not getting married, my cousin is. My son is in the wedding.

Prepped for the wedding. #fb

This reminds me, hey , did you ever get that gong?

My cat is forcing me to be a better speller. “You don’t need to use this delete button.” #fb

Also, this is just gonna sit there… taunting me… FOR MONTHS!

It’s ok Amazon, I’ve got them all. Feel free to take a break now.

Seen this? Cause you really should. Of all the celebrities, I think you get the most Internet love.

I don't know what the fuck this is but it's damn funny, and a decent rhyme.

You would think a movie with these two dudes in it would be great. Well, you'd be partially right. #CobraKai #DickJones

Going back and playing the Max Payne 3 "Club Scene" with this as the soundtrack.



Alright, everyone shut up! ... It's on. (cc ) #TorchLight2

It's been "1m left" for about 10mins now. Starting to get worried. (cc ) #TorchLight2

As said last night, my exact first thought when seeing the Borderlands 2 CE.

Dear Coworkers,

I quit.

Scott "I'm Rich Bitch" Meador

I can't overstate; these iPhone screen protectors aced my iPhone today. Dropped it face down, no scratches no shatter.

And with this purchase, I can finally say, I have caught them all... Finally. Now, BRING ON THE GIANTS!!