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You mean this?

Uhhh… It’s not worth either price. Also, this;

Yay! #Vita

I see this and all I can think about is the Giant Bomb community. ( )

Hopefully the last I see of West Virginia for a while. #fb

My cousin built a mobile pizza oven. That’s pretty rad. I wonder if and are interested.

Yay… Ohio… sigh. #fb

Peace out Cincy. #fb

Best nightlight… ever? #fb

Yes… this.

West Virginia had some of the best looking rest stops I have ever seen. That’s how they lure you in.

Eww, dude… eww. #fb


It feels horribly wrong to have them there. Like they are going to taint everything they touch. ()

A fitting start to my semi-vacation this weekend. Thanks , as always. #fb

Guys, remember when everything was all WW2 shooters? When do we get sick of future and near future shooters?

This new Gatorade is pretty good. ( #PBF)

Finally installing this Diablo game the kids are talking about.

Almost bought this for

I am hesitant to show anyone this, but… hey guys, this exists now in the US App Store.