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Professional experiencer. Flirted with danger and danger got clingy. #LifeAfterDoubt @kingpenslim #RWTW

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64gb was the right idea. Just over half full.

This jacket dope

iPhone batteries are complete garbage. I just took this bitch off the charger not even 5 minutes ago.

Courtesy of my lil boo Vanessa over at


You know how I know god is real? Cuz all god could craft together such a fine specimen of female such this

I need someone to explain this RIGHT NOW! He asking to get his head knocked off his shoulders.

I'm listening to the shit on my phone. He says that and I look at my phone like


My 2016 vote for president

Yall just make sure when yall see Ro in Liv he got this on him


Shit was so bomb.. Still thinking bout it..

Shit was so bomb.. Still thinking bout it..

GUCCI DOWN TO THE............. Gladiator sandals? Wait a minute!?