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Two giant hunks of meat for Dallas and . {m} #steakfest

Squash casserole from the cookbook. #dinner #yum #acaptaintomfavorite {m}

I just asked the waitress for the leftover cholesterol from the egg beaters. Poor thing was so confused.

Cutest dog ever. Outside our local coffee joint. I nearly stole it. #selfcontrol

We've got a pretty casual relationship with Amazon. Amazon calls me "Homes".

Not that I'm a fan of horse meat but how does it makes any sense to eat cows but ban slaughter of horses?

A poor sub for whole kefir. Low-fat kefir + cream = whole kefir. Sort of.

Just sayin'.

Just sayin'.

Preparing 's brisket recipe. 10" chef's knife for scale. It's a brilliant day. #goodmeat

Thinking of you. Organic, grass-fed, low-temp-pasteurized whole chocolate milk. #dessert

The (overpriced) European Geo Metro. People are so label-obsessed these days. #BMW #tincan

Well, that's one way to work it.

Did Red Bull gank this from Cr*ssFit, or the other way around?

Nuts or not, seeds + chocolate chips + dried fruit is still not an optimal choice. #marketing

Guess they do that "share the road" thing in Texas. At least if your last name's Armstrong.

Need help sleeping? Drink some fructose!

The downside of my #cleanmassgain: my conditioning is BAD. tries to make me feel better:

What's better than "farm to bar" cocktails? #nowearenotdrinkingthenightbeforeaseminar