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No concert, no meet & greet, no twitter mention. No luck, lots of hope.

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Justin Bieber background, comment if you take it. Full size to save. #2

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Justin Bieber Background, comment if you take it. full size to save.

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#BieberBackground Comment if you're taking it ☺

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Dear Haters, you mean nothing to us. Sincerely, Justin and Beliebers.

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So when someone has nothing to do they right about albanian girls.

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8,000 followers? Wow. This is so much. Crazy. Two years ago I was here for the first time and I never thought I'd get to one thousand. I wanna thank you Justin, cause of you I'm here. I saw you grow up and still Kidrauhl.
I also wanna thank everybody who helped, retweeted me and mentioned me. Thank you.
And especially cause she is so amazing, she helped me more than anyone. Thank you. A lot. You can't even imagine how happy I am. I had tears on my eyes. I love your twitter, your tweets are awesome, and even you got 77k you are still humble and helped me. Thank you!!!

I love twitter! I love you Justin!

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Follow the link to view more details or to create your own Tweet Cloud: http://w33.us/bubd

Follow the link to view more details or to create your own Tweet Cloud: http://w33.us/bubc

It didn't happen, this is just a fanfic. Hope you like it.

I was in a plane, sitting all alone, listening to music when a boy wearing a hat and sunglasses came up:
- Is this seat taken?
- No. Make yourself comfortable – I answered smiling.
The boy sat down and put his things on the seat between us. Then he looked at me and I stared at him. He asked:
- What song are you listening to?
- hmm, Live my life. – Little break – Have you ever heard it?
- ha, that guy called Bieber, such an idiot.
For a moment I fought myself “don’t be that stupid, don’t answer.” But then my belieber side won:
- Oh really? Do you know him? ‘Cause if you don’t you shouldn’t be saying this. Justin is the most amazing guy in the world and I…
- Kay, hey, stop it – he said laughing – are you a belieber?
- Yeah. Got any problem? – I said confused
- No.
- Great.
I turned to the window and was hoping he didn’t bother me again, but the idiot opened his mouth one more time:
- What if you saw Justin Bieber?
- I’d hug him and tell how much I love him. And then faint.
- What if you were sitting beside him on a plane?
I turned around to finally look at him and ask when was the interview gonna be over, but then I saw. He’s taken of the sunglasses and the wooden hat. I was completely shocked, I couldn’t breathe.
- What? – I saw his face, he was about to laugh.
I suddenly hugged him, I was holding him so tight.
- Oh my Gosh Justin I’m so sorry for screaming on you that way, I love you so much but I couldn’t let anyone say you’re a…
It was Justin. I know, couldn't be. I couldn't believe it.
- Hey, hey, sshh. Stop crying. – Was I crying? – I love you, thank you for defending me.
I started closing and opening my eyes like an idiot. That might be a dream, an amazing crazy dream.
- what are you doing – he laughed – I’m real.
- Things like this don’t happen to people like me.
- You should enjoy it and stop crying, baby; you’ll have all these 12 hours of flight with the Biebs. – He changed seats and put his right arm around me.
- What do girls on twitter say about me? – he said after I said almost everything I wanted to say something, what took an hour.
- You can go on my account, but I’ll tell you the password cause I don’t have my cell phone here.
He took his red iPhone and put it on my hand.
- You can answer fans and follow them
- Hell yeah this is so cool!
He laughed and took his iPad.
- Could you enter your twitter so I can see beliebers’ random tweets?
- OK, here it is. Read all them.
We laughed a lot reading the tweets. I showed him some girls who deserved to be noticed and some crazy things about his Bieberconda. That was the best day of my life. Believe it and Never Say Never, dreams do come true.

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My Worlds. It's been a long time since we listened to it for the first time. We got all the hate cause of his voice. Everybody said he was never getting a real singer. Then the guy sells out MSG. Believe him now? Yeah, Justin Bieber, the little guy from Stratford is the most famous teenager on Earth. He dreamed big, he never said never. then he cut his hair. he dyes his hair. He lost beliebers but not us. Now he's about to release a new Album, the Bieber Hair is back, he tweets about Chuck Norris and flirty tweets. It's 2009 all over again. We are still here and we will always be, cause Justin works hard for us, he changed his life for us. I can't even explain how much I love this little boy called Biebs, well not that little, now he's about to be 18. My baby grew up.
So Justin if you ever read this, know for sure, that there will always be someone here for you, to support you in every decision of your life, cause you are the reason to believe. Thank you for everything.
I love you Kidrauhl.

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I'm normal. hmm

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Merry Biebmas #Edit - Make sure you comment if you liked ;')

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This was my world tour #Edit - comment please (;

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Edit #1 - Comment please ;')

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He's sexy and WE know it (BG)

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This makes me go back on time. When these comments were posted, Justin was pretty excited about singing to like, 10 people in front of Avon Theater. And now he's receiving awards, he has a new album out now, he is sexy and famous. He's rich. But then if you wanna go back with me, you'll remember that this is just a normal kid from Stratford.
Some people say he changed, but he's the same. You can tell by his smile. Just look at him! What do you see? I see my idol, my inspiration.


I love you

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#imaginebelieber Justin cantando Fa La La, quando chega na parte 'Wanna put my ear to your chest'' *quero enconstar minha orelha no seu peito* ele encosta a cabeça e fica ouvindo o seu coraçao <3

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