Ore Bamimeke


Some sleepwalk at home. I sleepdance to Coldplay.

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There's me. In the background. Hiding in shame. While Lauren takes a photo. ON THE BUS. #why

Look at him. Admiring the wondrous object that is my mother's phone.

Only just noticed that I never upload photos of myself!

Cos I'm such a nice friend, I went on the website and made you your own personalised MX artwork:)

Cool story bro

luk dolan aculy is gooby pls

Me when I found out Rylan got through on #xfactor

That quizzical look on Chris's face is so cute!

The collage I made for my art project. Quite awesome, no?

And this just happens to be the 42nd photo on my phone #coldception

Looks a bit cold outside. Should I ignore my mum and venture out, even in my sickly state? Hmm.

I think it's safe to say, everyone prefers you this way.
Hah! I rhymed.

Dad brings home a bag of video tapes for me from work. Said his friend gave it to him.And then I found this #deargodwhy

Nuff said.

Emotionally strong enough, Nicole? This picture begs to differ #jonathanross

So the weather's changed it's tune. Apparently we're supposed to be headed towards a terrible winter

I know it's ten in the morning, but I long for a Chinese

Read it, dude. It may change your life, (and your name) and could stop America being Mormonised.

Lauren posing on the bus home, there's me in the background, being a wallflower as per usual

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