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See the need and fill it. See the hurt and heal it. Admin @oneightydotcom. Love 180 J_Hi, and all of @cotmtulsa!

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Everyone, meet my lovely friend Emma Ann. #2ndGrade #BFFs

So good! This girl knows what makes my heart sing! #Chocolate #CmonItsHalloween

Hey peeps! Come thirsty tonight! #SneakPeek #Oneighty

wait, I don't think that pic worked. One more try...

totally! Just the basic - 4 mm cz. I love em!

Where has this been all my life?!?! With #BlingOfficeDecor

Funniest text of the morning...

Just found some beautiful Niloak tea cups at the vintage show. $50 for 6...should I??


First line of this book, and I already love it. "The Portrait of A Lady" by Henry James.

Brookside served me well today. In a variety of ways...

Hey peeps - thirsty? #Oneighty #WantItToBeWednesday #BeAtOneightyOct5th

Hey ... #SwineOnSkewers #JustSayin

So craving my newfound hobby of fiction reading before bed - scour the house, and find the following. Will have to do. Djjbsetgbioyrdvh

My gosh, new delicious addiction.

Perfect roasted veggies. Recipe courtesy THE and .

Wallpapered! Crazies... #DontEverLeaveYourAppleProductUnattended

The asking JHIers what they did this wknd. Responses: "I played Mario Kart all wkend" "I'm 1/64th Indian & I went to a powwow!"

About to own some JHI'ers at air hockey this morn! #OneightyJHI #LoveSundays

Hey guys - I'm looking to sell my '04 Lexus RX 330. Asking $14,000. DM me if interested. Can u help me out & RT please?

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