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15 years ago today, he left us. But I'm living much better with it than before. We still miss you, Dad.

RT : QOD1 what did Santa bring you? #jubiqod => exactly what I wanted. #nerdgasm

I got him this as a Pre$ent Dae gift last night, and he hasn't put it down since.

My niece's Easy-Bake Oven. I can't believe they still make these.

RT : 10. Twitpic a picture of you in a happy moment. #NobleQuest =>

On my sister's neighbor's front yard. Imagine Jesus pulling up in a car and saying, "For me?! Ya shouldn't have!"

My niece Jade reminds me of me. What she loves now are art supplies. This is what I got her. She loved it!

Rupert the Anti-Pants Superstar.

Y'all can act like his fine ass didn't exist if you want to.

So now I'm sipping on a grande strawberries-n-cream frappucino. Hail to the Redskins. would be proud.

RT : 6. Twitpic yourself in a wifebeater or tank. #NobleQuest =>

lmao! Miss him?

big 'fro and a camera. Lydia!

Smells goooood! Thank you, ! #TheButters

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RT : 11. Ladies Twitpic your as...kidding. #NobleQuest <=

Happy Founders Day and stuff to the men of Alpha Phi Alpha! Cupcakes for everyone! No seriously, I want cupcakes.

At Florida Ave Grill w/ my roommates and . Our thoughts =>

RT : 8. Twitpic the 13th picture in your photo album. #QuestionsByMika =>

One of my shipments came in this week. Check out the names in the "ice cream" holiday set. #WuTang