Dugal Downunder


I'm a cat; a blue & white Scottish shorthair (erect ear scottish fold) cat. I share my house with Wicket (foldie), McGonagall (panfur) & Rigate (pest). GOCATS!

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and then Gemma. Night night Gemma. Great day KP! *hugs*

thats a lovely pic Presley! :-)

*whew* I think I mightve missed 1. Did you get this 1?

first KP's house

OK! We better go home cos staff gonna get cross & they take my rocket #pastcurfew Hold on!

I'm not sure but there are lots of pics of him.

let's go & see the rabbit who lives in the moon

OK! KP - u might have to let Gemma have window seat "3...2..1.... Blastoff"



oh no! There were 3. I try again. 1....

*bump, crash, smash* sssshhh we might be a bit noisy. Hop in Gem!

better go & get Gemma.

Earth sure looks pretty from up here

woohoo! What a ride. Where to KP?

OK! Your turn first KP! "3, 2, 1... Blast off"

there you are! Now you have 3 to chose from. Keep til Wednesday & then say hashtag wigitup to Jeffy :-)

here you go! Doing the second 1 now :-)

that like us. We do missions with #flyingfuries :-)

yep! I send you the silly gingie. He will make sure they are clean.