Dugal Downunder


I'm a cat; a blue & white Scottish shorthair (erect ear scottish fold) cat. I share my house with Wicket (foldie), McGonagall (panfur) & Rigate (pest). GOCATS!

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our wicket is a Scottish fold. If ears don't fold - Scottish shorthair. If ears fold - Scottish fold. :)

that's better :) now we see you clearly. I'm helping my staff

I do have a rocket. Tis little bit slower than teleporter but still very fast

Here she is practicing on junior staffs pooter.

nope - not joking. He A sneaky boy.

you can come for a ride then. I have a new rocket

in staffs work bag. This is after discovery. staff was on her way then realised bag was too heavy

I got a new fancy one :)

heehee! I think got that one. I will check. You seen Wicket Washing KP? #wigitup

Awwwe. That's what staff call cat TV! And maybe wicket thought it was a bed

hi Sam! I have - spring is coming :) #dugalling

here tis - golden wattle

staff did a masterclass with exec chef @ intercontinental

nope! Something about needing the keyboard. Not sure what JS does anyway. I helping staff now #fullmoon

Wicket is helping junior staff with his pooter. It's an apple cat top :-)

Here is another one in case the first one wasn’t enough :) xxx

we bought birthday cake for you & your mom to share Pantie :) Auntie would like some too. *hugs*

Anything made by Warden is cool. We have fishies & cupcakes :)