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Born in Romania. Raised in New York. University in Texas. Moved to Finland in 2007. Worked at Nokia in 2008/09. Now I run @Android_Beat and write for @Engadget.

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I'd love to write about Nokia's new phones, but ... fuck it.

Google thinks that because I'm watching a video that demos Instapaper for Android, they should show me an ad for bread.

Windows Phone is more popular than iOS in China? Really?

this is just a sneak peak at some of the bullshit i have to deal with on a daily basis.


why can't Nokia stop using send and end keys?!

6.1 (mid 2010)

yo finnish peeps, what does this mean?

Elop: "Lumia 900 is the best selling phone on Amazon."

one of my facebook friends just posted this photo. i think i'm going to kill myself now.

i really wish people stopped referencing Amazon as some sort of indicator for Nokia's success.

well fuck me in the ass, i just saw my first youtube preroll ad in Finland. i'm disgusted.

i wish i had a vagina. and by vagina, i mean PCI Express slot.

no idea why i'm laughing so hard at this picture

they had a most awesome wedding cake

Tried to copy that Steve Jobs + IBM photo. Failed miserably.

my day, it's been made.


oh man, i really feel like buying an Intel Xenon now! it can help me SIMPLIFY my small business. pimpin' ain't easy.

this is what happens when you restart chrome