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Born in Romania. Raised in New York. University in Texas. Moved to Finland in 2007. Worked at Nokia in 2008/09. Now I run @Android_Beat and write for @Engadget.

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whoa, the samsung galaxy camera has a really unique manual adjustment settings menu (via )

Four Square Kings cigarettes. Legal battle?

It's just so ... uninspiring.

So I just installed the latest version of Adium on my machine. Now how do I make this go away?

hmmm. i think i'm doing technology journalism wrong. might have to change my fonts to blue.

"Get great 4G without getting burned." | What kind of ad campaign is this? cc:

quack quack quack!

i hate flash. a lot.

ummm, why does Kim Dotcom have a statue of a rhinoceros on his front lawn?

when did YouTube start doing subtitles with timestamps?

Photo: Nokia Personnel by Geographic Area

here's what they told me

this is what happens when your first article of the day weighs in at 2500 words.

Remember when we all saw the clear laptop in the 1995 film "Hackers" and immediately wanted one? I can haz clear phone?

what's with the paragraph symbols?

Dear Newswire Korea: Can you please explain your favicon?

grabbing a 7.55 GB MOV file via iTunes will crash iTunes. so ... let's switch to my favorite download manager.

what the shit is this? google news is giving me badges for reading news ... since when did this start?

Can someone tell me why doing a Google image search for "ChatON" results in this?

Two tone electronics are disgusting enough as it, but combing matte metal with shiny glass? Fuck that shit.