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Born in Romania. Raised in New York. University in Texas. Moved to Finland in 2007. Worked at Nokia in 2008/09. Now I run @Android_Beat and write for @Engadget.

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YES! YouTube now allows you to select how fast you want videos to play!

Walked past a Samsung store in Taiwan today. Liked the little Chinese Droids. Took a photo. Looks like an AAPL store.

Took the girlfriend to the "Love Harbor" today. What did we see there? A giant transformer. Oh Taiwan, you so silly!

Massive ad for a "Note Style" smartphone in Taiwan. There's no shame in copying over here.

When did Chrome start telling you that other users are having issues reaching a website? First time I've seen this.

new internet connection makes me happy.

Anyone notice VLC's icon today?

that's all of Nokia's press photos look like this

The population of the world is 7 billion, right? America is what, 315 million? With that in mind, look at this chart.

Going through a Qualcomm deck that was published two days ago. They want to launch a compression service in 2013?

Mr. Morse made me giggle.

That stupid Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade video we're all covering, did you guys see this?

I'm embarrassed that I actually laughed at this. And now I'm sharing it on Twitter. Dammit.

that word is so complex that my dictionary crashed.

I'm not exactly sure what this ad is trying to imply.

Nokia should be happy about this.

oh wow, i haven't seen this in ages

had to do a double take. sony's xperia tablet s with the official keyboard cover looks somewhat familiar.

that one.