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Born in Romania. Raised in New York. University in Texas. Moved to Finland in 2007. Worked at Nokia in 2008/09. Now I run @Android_Beat and write for @Engadget.

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Testing the ability to upload images.

These magnets, they don't spin fast enough.

I can't stand my MacBook anymore. Going to see if a fresh install will fix things. Step 01: Backup.

There are 6,030 people working at Nokia HERE. That's a lot of people.

In the span of one year, Nokia managed to fire a third of their European employees.

Wait, what?! I'm 100% positive that Mark said Facebook Home works on the Note II.

I want to try that new Android app everyone is talking about (), but I saw this and just gave up.

Managed to consume in three hours what most Americans pay to consume every month.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

I'm going to get filthy rich with these ads on my site.

Dear LinkedIn: What the hell?

Android Central. Massive Android site,. Look at their SGS4 vs. One poll. It has 27k+ data points.

I normally don't complain about these things, but why does IDC's website use such nasty URLs?

What Nexus 4 supply issues? What BlackBerry Z10 sell outs? No problems here at MBK in Bangkok, Thailand!

try again

Uploading a video of a German dude playing w/ an HTC One to the internet. It'll take 10 minutes. Here's a screen cap.

When did Google weather get this pretty?

Vertu told the BBC that their new phone isn't about technology. This is what you see when you go to Vertu's website.

Photo of two huge banners promoting WeChat in Taiwan.