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Once inspired the NYT Science Times to 'try harder.'

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Where the trouble begins: “Value diversity,” we tell our youngsters. Also, we use the word “youngster.” #Kerstenland

Paul Ryan does one of the least appealing Grumpy Cat impressions I’ve seen

Get your drive thru oil change / breast cancer awareness infusion

Seward’s Folly:

“I do like Stacey’s gangsta lean” - my brother’s friend Nathan #firstdayofschool

. Mantiquing tips include: use a pickup or van to transport your purchases.

A few months ago the Strib ran a story about the novelty of men grocery shopping. Today it’s “mantiquing” #wince

Presented without comment: Starbucks wine menu.

It’s so, so pink in here tonight #LosLynx

There’s Mr. Bill, hanging out in the lower left at the police department.

Surreal story on front page of Strib; inside, kids shoot man out of boredom, toddler shot in Mpls. #NRA

Open Streets Minnehaha

I think the meant to say EVERYONE instead of #Oprah

Letter of the week #LosLynx

From my cousin’s wedding invitation #rsvp

Why the anchor decision is a BFD

Catherine Irwin of warms up with the opening strains of Little Black Train

Dolly loves you. Also watches you wherever you go.

Gay wedding gift for my sisters-in-law from

Adorable flower girls