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I cook. I garden. I sell houses. I talk to my dog in a normal speaking voice.

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My beard is awesome. Whaaaaat?

I'm finally getting my tacos. #LOTG

Reading your post, was amused to find I also own (pictured). It was the closing gift when I bought my house.

Was seriously anxious to trim an inch off. Someone will stop me before I go all Crystal Gale, right?

This is going to be better than $240 worth of pudding.

For the record, I think they take money from the 30+ set. And I'm nothing if not charitable.

Anyone want this unopened box #sodastream flavor mixers? I like my fizzy water unflavored.

In the Top 5 patios in Nashville.

Winners. And still undefeated.

The blue moon in my backyard.

My friend's co-worker brought this beer to him from Germany. He drinks Bud Light exclusively. I win.

Anyone need landscape timbers? These need to go, could help with transport if needed.

Great minds think alike. This is what I'm doing

The art is up for Wed's party. Here's my fave. You should come! http://t.co/mytS4u7E

I have the same follow/unfollow issue you guys do.

Brunch w/. 20 pts if you identify the circles in the drawing.

And Tuesday demonstrates why she's the dirtiest dog here.

Was gonna take a picture of her being happy, but she won't come out from under the coffee table.

now this