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Parliamentary priorities.

This report well worth a read. #bedroomtax victims can’t stay and they can’t go.

HT http://t.co/lJqeoVcCRw

Latest trawl of MP's tweets: Lots of #bedroomtax stuff from Labour. Here are the #SpareRoomSubsidy tweets..

Letter in the FT the other day.


Straw poll of 61 of my staff supporting clients trying to maintain their tenancies.

Can't help wondering what proportion do not appear on the unemployment stats by virtue of being sanctioned..

#ATOS assessment centre on Halford St in Leicester doesn’t accept wheelchair users.


Re positive stories about #welfarereform: got nothing so far.

This sums up my search so far.

Re positive stories about #welfarereform: got nothing so far.

This sums up my search so far.

Hope this is better Stella. Bit fuzzy..

- could it be that student can’t afford to state their main home is w parents?


Letters have been sent out to those to be affected by the #benefitcap. The GB breakdown..


Not got around to that yet but used data from ONS, DWP / Labour Force data to knock this up t’other day

Oddly not, no.

The data is fairly sound. It changes from year to year though. Here’s another representation from 2012

This may help to inform.

Just to give a more complete picture on how the social security budget compares.. here’s govt spending, as a whole.