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Asst. Director of Web Communications at @Mizzou. Retrofuturist from way back. The web's been slinging me around since 1994.

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Just got a cold call email from a James Blassingame and all I can see in my head is this:

“Discover that great Cutlass feeling along the highways of your mind.” This was an ad once.

Am I the only person who would thoroughly enjoy local weather casters going back physical weather boards?

Admittedly, I didn’t read it, but really ?

Now look at it on a mobile device. Here, I can enjoy the content without distraction.

To make my point, here is ’s website on the desktop. I find the sidebar distracting, and purposefully so.

Damn, Scotty. Bringing the dead/dying crewman all the way to the bridge was kind of dramatic yeah?

My new profile photo. h/t

I’m walking the dog. The sun is still out. It is warm. #wutisthis

I’m pretty much OK with every product rolling back their branding a few decades. No problem with that. #MillerLight

WHOA! iTunes still has visualizations? I thought that went away like, 10 years ago!

The space dock in 2001 is an obvious influence on the one on the Death Star:

. check out the screenshot. Looks a little slower than earlier, but still. #zooooom #DFW

Congrats, Prof. Hawthorne! #Mizzou

Looking for an old story, this is the 404 page I get:


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