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bless you for growing up where it counts, but staying the idiot dorks inside that youve always been. may you always bring that out in each other. oh wait. YOURE NEIGHBORS NOW. SO NO WORRIES HA HA HA /flies into the sun

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"I ain’t your freakin’ bestie and I ain’t taking orders from you. When I need to kill, I’ll call. Until then, stay out of my way."

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Okay can we give round of applause to Jensen and his amazing acting skills like seriously I was so scared from this scene because that’s not the “Dean” we know anymore and yet look at Sammy he will go to the end of the world to save him even though I am sure he saw his eyes and felt it too but he won’t give up on his brother no matter what.

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smile - n. a facial expression in which the eyes brighten and the corners of the mouth curve slightly upward and which expresses especially amusement, pleasure, approval, or sometimes scorn

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Sam: I was just wondering how much you know. About me.
Chuck: What do you mean?
Sam: Have you seen visions of me when I'm not with Dean?

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Just imagine how many times in his life he’s told Sam ‘alright, time for bed’, how many times he carried his brother to his bed and tucked him to sleep. Even when Sam is in his twenties, this is the most natural thing for Dean to do.

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"Boy, you see me sawin’ some bony tramp in half? You think I’m a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room but I can’t just pull facts outta thin air!"

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"Your brother is very much alive, courtesy of the Mark.
And the only demonized soul inside of Dean is his and his
alone. Wee bit more twisted, a little more mangled beyond
human recognition, but, I can assure you, all his."
I love Jared’s acting here. His voice breaks for a tiny little moment when he says kill my brother - it must be such a hard moment for him. First, after the surveillance video, he had to assume that a demon was desecrating Dean’s dead body, and now he hears that Dean’s not dead, but alive and a demon himself. It’s a lot to take at the same time, but he doesn’t want Crowley to know, and he needs to keep the conversation going, so that he can track it. He does a good job, but that little break in his voice betrays him…

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'you took mercy on him' Sam is trying to catch every trace of humanity that might indicate his brother is still in there. He will never stop believing in Dean. Not even as a demon. Even when he is being beaten up and hurting. Losing himself, to have his brother back.

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mary appears to sam as unconditional love and acceptance and comfort. what better figure for sam’s mind to use for comfort and to validate himself than to use his mother’s image? he takes comfort in what she could have been like, what he’s heard from dean and john. he’s crafted an image of her from what he’s heard of mary through the years and is using it as his own safety blanket. he needs to feel acceptance and approval of what he’s done to know he’s not a monster or a freak and what he’s worked for was for a good/greater cause, and mary is that comfort he wants. this scene will never not fuck me up

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They just had a massive fight. They are separated. And they are thinking of each other. Look at their eyes! Look at their faces! I think I need a hug more than them after this.

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↳ Man, I'm trying to thank you here.
You can see that for Sam, this ‘thank you’ doesn’t come easily, yet he swallows his pride and stubbornness from earlier and he is thanking Dean from all his heart. And Dean? Dean knows how honest, vulnerable and intimate this moment is, he doesn’t say ‘you’d have done the same’, or ‘that’s my job’, he silently takes this gratitude and savor it. And I think it’s beautiful.

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Sam: Man, I never got the crusts cut off my PB & J. I just don’t look at family the way you do.
Dean: Yeah, but I’m your family.
Sam: I know…
Dean: I mean, we’re supposed to be a team. It’s supposed to be you and me against the world, right?
Sam: Dean, it is!
Dean: Is it?

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Sam is so overwhelmingly relieved to see that Dean is okay because, when he jumped into the pit, resigned to never walking in the sunlight again, the very last thing he saw was Dean’s face completely pulverized by his own fists. But then he woke up to an all too familiar view of the slowly rotating fan in the ceiling of Bobby’s panic room and heard the echoes of Dean’s voice from upstairs. For him, not a moment had gone by and he’s just so grateful that Dean is okay, whatever rescued him comes second. And for Dean, he’s cautious at first. He’s been burned before 6 months prior when he hugged an empty shell of his brother. But he feels Sam’s arms tighten around him like they always have before, and he feels Sam’s heartbeat racing unlike how it never did when he had no soul, and he feels Sam’s heavy breaths over his shoulder, and he just knows that it’s Sam this time. Because he’s finally whole again.

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this is meant to show how demon!dean does not care. for everyone who is upset about this understand that there IS a reason for this. it’s meant to upset us, to show us how different he is now. the writers are not laughing at us

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I just think that Dean would have carried on with this tradition of kissing Sam goodnight for a long time after Mary’s death because it’s something he has done since Sam was born. It would have been something normal when everything else has turned into a nightmare.

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Jared and Jensen on jet skis.
Jared and Jensen with bulging arms and big smiles on jet skis.
Jared and Jensen, hanging out together, half naked, on jet skis.

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"You don’t even know how hard this was! All the demons out for my head, no one knew. I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal! Not even Alastair knew! Only Lilith! Yeah, I’m sure you’re little angry right now, but, I mean, come on, Sam! Even you have to admit I’m—I’m awesome!"

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Daily reminder: This is one of Dean Winchester’s happiest moments.
Being four and feeling like he has singlehandedly held his family together.
Fuck you show.
Another friendly reminder: this is the only time Dean Winchester has said the words “I love you”

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shippers who not only act entitled to the writers making their ship canon but also act like they have some power to wield if it doesn’t

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