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What's with the pink slippers? needs to take them back!!!

Took a pic of & beside a lovely #Christmas tree in #Hollywood. I might need a new camera!

My new pants for Christmas day :) 

Does he know they don't have pictures in the Wall Street Journal? #IHOW

After spending 20 minutes at Disneyland looking at everyone in costumes Wayne says "oh everyone is dressed for Halloween!"

Making a call on the iPad! "I forgot my headset"

Oops this mustn't have gone thru last night! #IHOW

"I don't want any " - as he proceeds to eat all my toppings!

"Ah ha ha ha Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive" ;)

I'm just gonna rest my eyes *snore* *snore* *snore*

I tweet and text with my lobster claws!

Wayne kept jumping each time I touched him with my lipstick! This is the best I could do!!! Plz RT if ur an #IHOW supporter :)

*thinking* what cup size am I? needs to know for the calendar shoot ;) LOL #IHOW

What's that for? Ur horse?

Proof that he goes commando!

Just checked into our hotel. While looking 4 the bathroom Wayne walked out the front door & said "where am I going?"

A wee bit of bread and cheese. Typical Wayneism!!!!!

Does Barbie's bikini come off?