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~ Zombies are allergic to skittles ~ The best part of believe is the lie... Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.

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Omfg guys ch3ck 0ut h0w l0ad3d I 4m!!!!

": blink-182 are embarrassing, I don't see how they've lasted 20 years as a band" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO.

Check it, bitches be jel

Oh and the Italian rock magazine also contained this:

Buying an Italian rock magazine because of this:

Looks like someone wants to come with me on holiday :')

Oh God please tell me this isn't true D:

Super nerd is looking rather sexual ;D

Jack knows me too well, skittles, fratellis tickets, blood red shoes tickets and a Mew lv. 40 :') #perfectbirthday

You know a sweet is going to be good when it comes with a warning label

Omfg t4ke m3 bak 2 pr0m!!1!!1! L00kin h4wt wiv ma b3stieee n g0!n cr3y cuz #YOLO... gd tim3z bbg!1!!

I'm becoming one of those vinyl freaks, CDs just sound and feel better then downloads face it & My 250+ collection ;D

Tempted to blow £108 of my birthday on these gig tickets

Out of these bands who are touring in the next 6 months which of them would you see with me?

It's a fucking pokeball cake :D #homemadeandproud

Still can't believe that and I baked this, it's too beautiful :')

Home made ice Lollies are the best

There's a massive disabled button next to me, I'm so tempted to push it :O

My bowl > your bowl, accept it.

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