38. Husband/dad/designer/sometime cartoonist/writer/ragamuffin. If your bio mentions internet marketing, SEO or says 'guru' I will actively block you.

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19ish years, I finally fit into this T-shirt again. #LessWaz

... Week 21, I'm up 200gms. Not worried about that :) #LessWaz

Not sure how I ended up with such a beautiful daughter. I blame :)

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Fairfax, please see me after class. Or hire a proofreader. Or use spellcheck.

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Click-to-Flash on the Mac has a cute little #aprilfoolsday easter egg...

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Thanks for that helpful and enlightening error message,

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Nice work, . Care to tell me *why*? #uxfail

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My favourite picture of my daughter from our Christmas holiday.

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This is the text message I received from #Vodafone. I'm livid right now. The best VF can do??

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Looks awesome, but Doncaster and Chaddy both said they're out of stock...

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I'm with Internode, but on a port. I connect at 14Mb, and this is the best I get. #telstra suck.

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Have Charlie Kaufman and Malcolm Gladwell ever been seen in the same room? #kaufman #gladwell

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Guess who's losing management of part of my super. #fail

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Wait... what? Last question was who would I vote for if an election was called tomorrow.

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Turns out it was a mining company survey. You can't make this shit up. Every field 25 chars only.

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Now the truth is revealed. #auspol #myliberal (ht )

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Awesome, I got a crash reporter for Dreamweaver too!

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Really should have sacrificed that bloody goat. Thanks again, !

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Once again, Photoshop CS4 brings light and joy into my life.

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Removing the ads from National Treasure 2. 40m of ads is why people DL from BitTorrent.

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