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Cam Newton has Auburn’s military appreciation patch in his locker. Dude HATES Auburn. (via )

In case you were wondering what Auburn students were calling Earnest Ross today…

. just putted for a car at the game in her t-shirt. No car.

Orange shakers are ready in the Rose Bowl. (via ) #auburn

Panorama of fans lining road at Montgomery airport to send Auburn off. (via )

Academy Sports in Mobile is selling 2013 National Champions shirts of the Auburn persuasion (via ).

Coach Pat Dye’s follow up to “In the Arena” is appropriately called “After the Arena.” #auburn

Going through my pictures from the Iron Bowl and this was my favorite. No photoshop. #auburn

A driver was waiting for “Gus Malzan” in a New York airport this morning. (via ) #auburn

My favorite thing is the comments from adults about 4-year-old ’s vines. #auburn

This is what students did to the hedges by rushing Pat Dye Field tonight. #auburn

The orange shakers on top of blue clad fans look awesome. #auburn

Right after taking this picture, I stabbed with a trident as watched and laughed. #auburn

GAMEDAY BAABBBAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! (No really, Gameday) #auburn #ironbowl

Any and all are welcome at the tailgate. If we’ve met, if we’ve tweeted, if I don’t know you, be there.

Malzahn has set out many vest options for tomorrow (via ). #auburn #ironbowl

The Georgia sideline after Auburn’s game-winning touchdown. A little late for prayer.

Tammy is here, and her Bam husband is trying to get to say RTR. Come help. #auburn

Gus Malzahn is at in Los Angeles. #auburn

Siri always likes to root for the underdog, so she’s a Georgia fan this week. (via ) #auburn