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Once a liar, always a liar

Scumbag Facebook; teasing and asking if I know this girl and that girl! No, man...but hook a brother up!

only if you use tweetbot, which is really good! Unless you're a original-only person :p

I'm replying, but first; LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


Pitbull is behind the new World Cup anthem....the worst HAS happened

yes.....yes, please

Only thing hotter than a girl who can dance is a girl who can drive

بس استانس هني و اهتم اكثر!

صج اسمه "عاصي"؟!

Life is what happens when you don't know what's happening

Can't say I'm the biggest fan, I'm just really happy that he's a legend #senna #f1 #happybirthdayAyrton

Tell ya what; You wake me up extra early for work, and I'll make sure we're both extra late for work, deal?

"I'd like some edamame, please"

"Yes, sir. So I'll repeat your order; one edamame"


This = orgasmic

Oh, dear...

More like "BABE on board"

I'll be your bed if you be my blanket