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So I was making a left instead of a right, and considering what a twit I was, I thought this was home.

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My fave place in NYC... No Idea on 20th and broadway

So sad... I miss Coco...

See Curtis run. (In the lower right hand corner... *sniff*)

What's the point?

Does a mall really need that many shoe stores?

Me sleeping at a wedding.

I wish I was either small enough to ride this or that it was big enough for me now...

It's like one of those pause to think commercials, or Twix...

Fuck this guy and his staring at me.

This is why two tv's in my living is such a good idea.

Sounds good to me... I'll take three!

#lions want us to narc on each other now...

Here I am for the Lions and Tigers and beers, oh my:

There it is:

Detroit scenery:

Nope. Not this bar...

Waiting for Jay at the corner like when we were kids

I'm walking to the bar. In Detroit. My neighborhood. A first. Early steps...

I guess my new phone background is a big black cock

Oops! Missed pic: