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Warmer temps have caused the permanent ice sheets of Greenland, Antarctica to melt at an accelerating rate

The recent recession spurred a decline of U.S. birthrates, particularly among immigrant women.

Men's basketball accomplishments of the Big East schools that have left or are leaving the conference

Mongolia followed Bolivia and Zambia in selling govt bonds this year at yields comparable to developed countries

Risking foreclosure, longer delays

A map printed in new Chinese passports depicts disputed islands as part of China

Only 20 seconds of warning were given at the Texas rail crossing where 4 veterans died after being hit by a train

Modern implants collect reams of data, but patients don’t have direct access to that information

Japan's spat with China takes big toll on tourism

North Korea's illegal weapons pipeline flows on

Afghanistan imports 80% of its power but is taking steps for greater energy independence

The U.S. housing market is now a key economic driver at a time when other sectors are slowing

New student loans and debt outstanding by type of consumer loan in the U.S.

Share of balance outstanding that is 90 days or more overdue, by loan type in the U.S.

Traders stalk a rally for U.S. corn

Could a car that knows when you are stressed or ill save you from having an accident?

After voters approved tax hikes, investors warmed to California bonds

N.J. Gov Chris Christie's approval ratings jumped after superstorm Sandy

Gov. Cuomo's $42 billion estimated tab for superstorm Sandy repair breakdown

A 'slum-clearance' campaign in Syria appears to be targeting areas sympathetic to rebels