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Many Chinese companies got help from gatekeepers in entering US markets and later ran into trouble

The EU's biggest fines against cartels since 1969

NJ counties with the most Sandy victims have fewer available rentals for them

'Marking the close' is a term employed by asset managers to make their results look better at the quarter end

The Greek shipping industry has remained healthy amid the global economic downturn.

Incomes have climbed in emerging Asian nations, but higher wages also hurt the region's attractiveness to investors

Selected history of George Osborne statements and actions alongside the UK monthly surplus/deficit

How tax burdens would change under proposals for limiting deductions for upper-income households

For every 100,000 women in the US, 124.3 developed breast cancer, of which 23 died.

How Angela Merkel polls against challenger Peer Steinbruck

The wealth of David Thomson, said to be Canada's richest man, comes from a variety of sources

MAP: Syrian refugees per country

Women account for a third of the U.S.'s lawyers and doctors

Detroit's small car inventories pile up as rivals press incentives

Investors are finding there's more to health-care stocks than the new US rules

Germany's Commerzbank is among the banks now losing money on the emergency loans they took out from the ECB.

Men do more housework, leading to a truce in the chore wars #infographic

The rocket North Korea plans to fire this month will follow the same route it planned for a failed launch in April

Israel is looking to Egypt to police weapons flows into the Gaza Strip from the Sinai Peninsula

Floods can scrape soil and gravel off a river's bed, potentially exposing pipelines and leading to their rupture