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Good morning and happy friday, tweeps. I leave you with this:

My thumb bends backwards =D #physicalodditiesunite RT #MDMRNFacts My pinky toe curves inward.

Lower receiver finished! At least until my buffer tube hardware comes in the mail this week.

I have some work to do... (cc: )

LOL. Also, this #classic:

Got one here, too: #SoVivid

Large Imperial Guard regiment I'm up against ;_; #40k #Apocalypse #WAAAAGH

Cat had a bit too much to drink...

I think you mean...

Max's face in the last panel reminded me of this. I chuckled.

Saw this and thought of immediately. #SmackTalk

If you need your fix when you're in LA, come to Jersey Mike's subs. (sandwiches are good, too.)

Ok, so we don't have 's awesome #NerdBus, but behold our noble steed, #NerdAltima!

Holy epic pit-stains, Batman! (Brought to you by Jaws 3)

Cat is displeased with me now that I have disturbed his slumber (I needed more blanket, and he was on it) ->

Heston may have trouble shooting anybody with an empty rifle... #PropFail

Like this?

My new PS3 wallpaper =D (and yes, I'll be ordering a print soon as the bills are paid this month)

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Irony, thy name is...

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Protected from the sun, towel corner soaked in Balws and Baconnaise... I'm good to go! #towelday

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