Bane capulet


Why talk when you can mock? Why hide your Face like I got Mace? Is it all an act or just a Fact. Maybe if you didn’t drool, you’d be cool. Ran out of room boom

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RT : omg yesss!! I'm just making something to eat so we can pillow talk tonight

happy birthday hun hope u get smashed on cake and full on drink ^_^

RT : What’s the point of being there for someone if another person’s getting the glory? <

This is a bald bear ....

Bella durmiente


RT : “: Maybe I’m normal and everyone else isn’t”

Xhiahsjs tell seb he looks like wesley he doesnt wanna believe me

tell me im lying ?


Looooool why are her eyebrows like this ?

I just dont understand fashion u know ... Beach wear with a blazer on ... It must be my foreignness


RT : ": I hate men

This is the type of person i have in my presentation group LOOOOL