Bane capulet


Why talk when you can mock? Why hide your Face like I got Mace? Is it all an act or just a Fact. Maybe if you didn’t drool, you’d be cool. Ran out of room boom

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Let me pree

RT : I need...nvm <

RT : LOOOOOL I saw ilukefer an I said woah mi tiyad Nuh rass lmfao < LOOOOOOL

The downhill walk from my gym was mad scary loool

happy birthday ma ^_^ stay safe get crunk and God bless ( in no particular order)

RT : come like carribean Mary poppins <


come again?

RT : Feeling a bit sexy in my granny pants tonite xx <

RT : *pops booty even harder* < look at it shake

i will uppercut your ovaries 2 times

RT : *unzips jeans* “: I want a sausage bap :(((” <

Lol seb is on time out

RT : Twitter's not popping off tonight but my last follower's eyebrows are hilarious. <

loooool not about that life

RT : All by myselfffffffff #TeamForeverAlone <

lol basically